Whilst teaching a skill for life, I also like to have fun on training sessions and like to provide a happy learning environment for clients. I am supportive and will help you become confident on the road and more importantly, a safe driver for the rest of your driving career.
Please note I do not do intensive driving courses. I feel learning to drive takes place better over a longer period of time, there is so much to learn and l like clients to experience driving in all weather conditions.

Training available for:
Anxious drivers (I have tried and tested techniques for helping clients to relax)
Learner drivers
Refresher sessions for fully qualified drivers
Motorway lessons for learners and qualified drivers

Parents are welcome to sit in on my training sessions for training purposes. You can watch how we teach currently as the driver training industry has changed in the last 20 years. This can help you teach correctly during private practice. 

The car has:
Dual Controls
In car cameras
Stop start technology 
Climate control