Driving Instructor Training:

At Charlotte's Driver Training I offer a complete driving instructor training course as well as rescue training for part 2 and part 3. All training is done in car, in the Shrewsbury area. Training is done on a one to one basis so I can tailor your needs and learning preferences. Your training sessions can be recorded which trainees find extremely beneficial in preparing for their tests and self reflection. All you need to do is bring a SD card and l have all the recording equipment.

With the overall pass rate of becoming qualified as a driving instructor low, please make sure you make the right decision about who you take your training with. You only have 3 attempts at the part 2 and part 3 examinations. The current UK pass rate for qualifying is around 28-35%

The DVSA recommends training to be a driving instructor with an ORDIT trainer. I am an ORDIT trainer and specialise in teaching people to become driving instructors. Being an ORDIT trainer means the trainer has been assessed offically with the DVSA and has been checked and has passed the ORDIT assessment. When clients train with me from the part 2 stage, I am happy to say that my clients pass their part 2 and 3 on their first or second attempt, making my pass rate much higher than the UK overall pass rate of qualifying. I put this down to the training being recorded where clients have said this had contributed to their success, also over the last 15 years l have undergone further training in order to be the best trainer l can possibly be. My learning never stops and l believe a decent teacher will never stop learning. Clients have come as far as Caernarfon, Ludlow, Hereford, Whitchurch, Newtown, North Wales and surrounding areas for standards check training and driver instructor training. 

If you choose to go down the trainee licence route where you want to gain experience from doing the job and you are local, then this is something I can help with and l can be your sponsor. 

For more information on becoming a driving instructor and if you fit the criteria please see the following link:


If you have any further questions, please give me a call on the number below. l will talk you through the process in detail and can recommend some forums where you can seek further information and advice on being a driving instructor.

1-2-1 instructor training
Pay as you go option available and no big upfront payments necessary
Contact me on 07716297771